Mario Amengual

Mario Amengual - Member Of Tom Hess Mentoring Program
Student Type:   Breakthrough Guitar Lessons,
Music Careers Mentoring Program
Improvisation Training Classes
Location: Miami, FL
Occupation: Sales Representative
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Mario is a guitarist from Miami, Florida. He began taking guitar lessons with Tom Hess in 2002 after becoming frustrated with his musical skills and with the difficulty of finding a truly great guitar teacher in his hometown. As a result, he massively improved his skills in speed and soloing.

He now plays in two bands and is working on material for his solo album release.

Mario's guitar influences include: Neil Schon, Al Dimeola, Van Halen, Vinny Moore, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Tony Macalpine, Gary Moore. Shred guitarist Tom Hess, George Bellas, Brett Garsed, Shawn Lane and Jimi Hendrix.

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