Antonello Catanese

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Location:  Trieste - Italy
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Antonello is a guitar player and professional musician from Trieste City, Italy.  

He recently released his debut album with the band ViruTrio - a guitar instrumental group based on Rock/Blues/Funky stylings.

Antonello is involved in improving his musical skills with Tom Hess's Breakthrough Guitar Lessons and also in the Music Careers Mentoring Program which, he says:  "Have been very useful in helping me to advance my musical skills, learn how the music business works and take action to grow my career in music."

Records Released:    
  • 2010 ViruTrio - Alien Tree
  ViruTrio - Alien Tree Album

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Make sure you don't wait too long to start on lessons.

The longer you wait, the longer poor playing habits stay below the radar and the more time is wasted on ineffective practice strategies.

(Note: This same concept also applies to musicians looking to enter into and succeed in the music business. It is much more easy to make a great living as a pro musician with a mentor/expert guiding you along the way than it is to figure everything out on your own through trial-and-error.)

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