Jeff Treadwell

Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle
Location: Lake In The Hills IL, USA
Occupation:  Professional Musician
mp3 Divinity Compromised - The Way Home
Solo Excerpts
Project Ruins Excerpts
Divinity Compromised Descent Into Madness Solo
Divinity Compromised Solar Solo

Jeff Treadwell is a guitarist, composer, instructor, and author from the Chicago-land area. In addition to playing in the metal band Divinity Compromised (featuring members of Sacred Dawn and Novembers Doom), Jeff has also recorded guitars for the UK death metal band Project Ruin's sophomore album.

In 2009, Jeff released an instrumental shred album with Zack Uidl entitled "The Evolution of a Tainted Fate."

Jeff has been a guitar instructor teaching private lessons since 2006. He currently works as a teacher at Paramount Music Academy along with Zack Uidl. Jeff is working on the release of several new albums, including the debut Divinity Compromised album, the new Project Ruins album, and the follow up album to "The Evolution of a Tainted Fate" with Zack Uidl.

Records Released:

  • Nightmare - Debut Solo CD
  • The Evolution of a Tainted Fate EP with Zack Uidl

Products Released:

  • Expression: Mastering Bending and Vibrato with Zack Uidl
  • Extended Arpeggios: 7ths And 9ths E-book with Dave Cardwell
  • The Evolution of a Tainted Fate Sheet Music/Tablature with Zack Uidl

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