Ryan Duke

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Location: Seattle, WA
E-mail: ryan@fortisamor.com
Website: seattleguitarmentor.com
Occupation:  Guitar Teacher, Professional Musician
mp3 Seismic
Streams In The Wasteland

Ryan Duke is a guitar teacher and founder of Seattle Guitar Mentor in Seattle, WA. He is currently working on the first full-length release of his musical project Fortis Amor. He is the sole member - taking on all roles of writing, engineering, producing, and programming. Fortis Amor's first release in 2009 titled "Passage" was an eclectic webbing of melodic progressive metal, electronic, thrash metal, Celtic, rock, and ambient music styles.

Ryan has also appeared as the lead singer and guitarist of former projects including a full-length international release and performed on a tribute CD to Living Sacrifice. In addition to being a touring/recording artist and studio musician, Ryan also ran live sound in various venues for several years to crowds into the 1000's.

Here is what other music industry professionals have said about Ryan's musical project Fortis Amor:

“Fortis Amor’s ‘Passage’ is a unique combination of interesting wide open spacious soundscapes intertwined with aggressive edgy hard rock grooves.  Killer avant-garde metal and electronic based music.” - Tom Hess (Rhapsody of Fire, HESS)

"Each song brings with it an emotional soundtrack orchestrating the writer's story" - Shawn Seippel (Former drummer of Symphony In Peril - Facedown Records)

"I really liked that I could anticipate that each song would have something creative and new to look out for.  Very impressed!" - Chad Shellabarger (Former bassist for Dead Poetic - Solid State Records)

Recordings Released:
  • "Seismic" EP by Fortis Amor (2012)
"Seismic" EP by Fortis Amor (2012)
  • "Songs of the Phoenix" Compilation CD (2011)
    Debut instrumental CD
"Songs of the Phoenix" Compilation CD
  • "Passage" by Fortis Amor (2009) - Solo Debut
    Compilation CD
"Passage" by Fortis Amor

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