Harald Wohlt

Harald Wohlt - Guitar Student Of Tom Hess
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Location: Stuttgart, Germany
E-mail: info@haraldwohlt.de
Website haraldwohlt.de
mp3 Behind Fences
Guest Solo: Zack Uidl
Bass: Paul Tauterouff
Composition, guitars, programming: Harald Wohlt

Harald Wohlt’s passion goes for contemporary classical music and metal. He started to play guitar at the age of 13, and soon was attracted by the classical guitar. He studied with Karl Scheit in Vienna and received a master’s degree in performing classical guitar.

Numerous concert performances followed mainly with contemporary music programs (as a soloist and also as a member of various chamber music ensembles). He now teaches guitar at the music school of Stuttgart.

Recently he rediscovered his old love, the electric guitar. His goal is now to reach, with the help of Tom Hess, a virtuoso level in playing electric guitar. Currently he is working on his first metal album and on several compositional and instructional projects.

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