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How to switch from using other beginner guitar books to your Teaching Beginner Guitar Students books?

Find out the best way to use the best beginner guitar books.


I feel like my beginning guitar students have the most difficulty effectively changing and strumming chords in time with a beat. Do you know of any effective techniques for teaching guitar students how to change chords quickly, fluidly, and musically?

Read the answer and get help on how to teach guitar chords.


Hello Tom, I only play for 2 years. Do you think it is possible for me to become a guitar teacher in let's say, 4-5 years from now? Thanks Tom.

Read the answer to become a guitar teacher.


The majority of new lesson inquiries I am getting are for children between 8 and 12 years old. I see this as a great opportunity for long-term career enhancement. What should I begin with so I can retain these younger beginner guitar students long term?

Read the answer to how to teach children guitar.


How do I attract more guitar students away from taking lessons in the music schools? Almost all the other guitar teachers around here are poor quality teachers.

Read on to know more about how to get guitar students


How much to charge for smaller group guitar lessons? And how much to charge for larger group guitar lessons?

Discover how much to charge for group guitar classes.


I have never taught guitar and I am self taught. I would like to know if you have any advice you could give to take with me going in for my first lesson.

Read the answer to how to get started teaching guitar lessons.


I do not teach guitar. Is it possible to implement your guitar teaching strategies to other instruments (piano, voice, violin, etc.) besides guitar?

The short answer is yes, but read the full answer to learn how to teach music lessons for other instruments.


I need MORE guitar students. Please tell me how to get more students.

Read the full reply and get guitar teaching help on your guitar teaching website.


How should I teach beginning guitar? I am self taught with no prior teaching experience. Should I use one of the standard guitar method books?

Find out the best way to get started if you are thinking about teaching guitar to beginners.


Am I ready to teach guitar? Am I good enough to begin teaching and should I start by teaching beginners first?

Find out what you should do first if you are asking yourself the question "Am I ready to teach guitar?"


When trying to fix a student's problem, what should I teach first?

There can be many causes to a guitar playing problem, read the full response to get help in these common situations so that you know where to start teaching guitar.


What is the single most important factor in helping your guitar students become better guitar players?

The answer may surprise you - read the full response about how to help them more by keeping guitar students longer.


Private guitar lessons versus group classes versus 'something else', what is the best way to teach guitar students?

Think private guitar lessons are the best format to teach guitar? Think again, read the full reply to get an enlightened understanding of the best guitar teaching models and formats.


Can you tell me which thing will likely have the biggest effect on my advanced guitar students?

Find out how to teach advanced guitar students.


How to balance teaching beginning guitar students 'what they want' versus 'what they need' to learn?

There is a very careful balance between the two, read the full response to discover what to teach beginning guitar students.


When is the best time to teach guitar students to apply what they have learned to real music?

Read the full answer to discover when you should teach guitar application.


Do I need to get a degree from a university in order to teach guitar?

Learn the answer and find out if you need a degree to teach guitar.


Do I need to learn music theory before I can teach guitar?

Learn the answer and find out if you need to understand music theory before you start teaching guitar students.


When should I start teaching guitar technique to my students and what technique should I teach first?

Unsure about which technique you should be teaching your guitar students in the beginning? Learn the answer so you can effectively teach your guitar students new things.

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