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Music Careers Mentoring Program

Music Careers Mentoring Program Get expert coaching on how to ‘make it’ in the music business, promote your music, get more fans and receive the best career opportunities - all while making a great living from music. This mentoring program is nothing like outdated music industry books or courses that only give you ‘information’ without helping you actually ‘build’ your career. When I mentor you, you will not simply learn ‘what’ to do - you will actually DO it, so that your music career goals become reality. Best of all, you will get this training from a pro who has already done all the things he is training you to do (landed music on the charts in multiple countries, toured the world in front of hundreds of thousands of people, made millions of dollars as a music industry entrepreneur) - not by someone who never achieved anything in their own music career!
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Become Unstoppable - Life Advice For Guitar Players

Become a successful musician In this program, I help you become a total champion in all areas of your life. Especially in combination with the strategies I teach and train you in my Music Careers Mentoring Program, you'll have just about everything you need to become a true champion musician. While I am not a doctor, a financial advisor or a relationship expert, I have been quite successful in all of these areas of my life. (Plus, I coached thousands of guitar players, guitar teachers, professional musicians, business owners and people in other areas of life to achieve their own success in various aspects of their lives.) And what I found is: success leaves clues. There are patterns to the thoughts and actions that successful people take to get where they are. In this program, I boil down success to a series of fundamental thoughts, beliefs and principles and show you (with lots of examples) how to apply them to achieve success at just about anything you set your mind to. And even if you don’t really care about becoming more successful in any area outside of guitar, this program will (directly) help you with your music career too. That’s because the challenges you’ll face in becoming a professional musician are almost identical to the challenges you’ll face with becoming successful at anything else in your life.
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