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Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Want to become the 1 most successful guitar teacher in your area and earn a 6-figure income in the process from teaching guitar? Here’s what you need to achieve it. First you need to learn the strategies, tactics and knowledge that it takes both in terms of becoming an elite guitar teacher and also in terms of attracting (and keeping) new students like a magnet. Next, you need a better guitar teaching model. I promise you that the teaching model you are using now (and others you may have heard about) is inferior. Not only will I prove it to you, I’ll give you several other models that are better for your students and a better for you to earn more money. Third, you need support - lots of support. It’s not enough to simply learn what to do, you need to have somebody hold your hand through the process of actually getting it done. I will help you do that by speaking with you one-on-one on the telephone to make sure you know exactly how to do things and then I’ll hold you accountable so that you really do them! With this coaching, you will have no excuse for not becoming the top guitar teacher in your area.
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The 21 Things You Better Know About How To Teach Guitar Before You Ever Teach Guitar Again

The 21 Things You Better Know About How To Teach Guitar Before You Ever Teach Guitar AgainThe "How to teach guitar" guide for guitar teachers. Discover the proven methods in this guide on how to teach guitar that destroys the conventional approach to helping guitar students become great guitar players. You'll also learn what to do if you don’t know what to teach someone, how to teach students at varying skill levels, and how to approach very difficult-to-teach topics such as scales and modes, improvising and reading music. In addition, I will tell you about all the mistakes that guitar teachers constantly make when teaching guitar and why their students make slow progress as a result... Most importantly, you will learn how to avoid these mistakes in ‘your’ teaching, help your students progress faster, get them to remain your students for years (and love every minute of it!), grow your reputation as the dominating guitar teacher in your area, and as a result - earn more money teaching guitar.
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How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students

How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students Learn how to attract guitar students like crazy using highly effective strategies that are proven to work! In this eCourse I will show you: how to attract students to you who may not live near your teaching location, where to publish your guitar lesson ads to get maximum results, and how to position yourself (and your lessons) in such a way that price will not be the main factor for your prospective students. I will also teach you how to avoid the damaging mistakes guitar teachers make during their very first conversation with prospects and how to make students want to study with you vs. your competitors. Most importantly, you will learn not just one way, but ‘many’ new and proven methods to get students so that you are never dependent on just a single way to grow your business! If you are still struggling to make ends meet teaching guitar, this course will show you how simple it really is to have new students pound on your door daily and earn a great income as a guitar teacher.
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How To Effectively Teach Beginning Guitar Students

How To Effectively Teach Beginning Guitar Students Beginner guitar students make up the majority of all guitar students and they can easily remain studying with you for a long time, ‘if’ you are extremely good at: getting them to believe in their potential, making their first guitar playing steps easy and rewarding, and keeping their motivation high along the way. This eCourse will show you (step-by-step) how to do all of the above by using the teaching method that has proven to work for thousands of students I have taught over the years as well as for the students of hundreds of teachers whom I train to teach guitar. You will also discover why the vast majority of guitar methods (and guitar teachers) for beginners drive most beginners to quit lessons (and guitar) and how to make sure this doesn't happen to you! I will also give you the exact materials to use with your beginning guitar students to help them progress faster, easier and more effectively than they ever could with any other guitar teacher in your area. Applying the proven strategy and materials in this eCourse will give you the tremendous satisfaction of helping huge numbers of people learn to play guitar well while growing your reputation and business at the same time!
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Become Unstoppable - Life Advice For Guitar Players

Become a successful musician In this program, I help you become a total champion in all areas of your life. Especially in combination with the strategies I teach and train you in my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program, you'll have just about everything you need to become a true champion guitar teacher. While I am not a doctor, a financial advisor or a relationship expert, I have been quite successful in all of these areas of my life. (Plus, I coached thousands of guitar players, guitar teachers, professional musicians, business owners and people in other areas of life to achieve their own success in various aspects of their lives.) And what I found is: success leaves clues. There are patterns to the thoughts and actions that successful people take to get where they are. In this program, I boil down success to a series of fundamental thoughts, beliefs and principles and show you (with lots of examples) how to apply them to achieve success at just about anything you set your mind to. And even if you don’t really care about becoming more successful in any area outside of guitar, this program will (directly) help you with your guitar teaching too. That’s because the challenges you’ll face in becoming a better guitar teacher are almost identical to the challenges you’ll face with becoming successful at anything else in your life.
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The Guitar Teacher’s Toolkit

The Guitar Teacher’s Toolkit Eliminate hours of lesson preparation time and add more value to your students by having pre-made, easy-to-use, high resolution diagrams of chords, scales and arpeggios to use in your lessons and an easily customizable template that allows you to create hundreds of new diagrams and lesson materials very quickly. Your lesson materials will have a clean, professional look and you will have full ownership of the included images to use in your teaching business, so you never have to waste countless hours trying to find usable images on internet sites, only to be disappointed by low resolution images and/or branded or copyrighted materials. Multiply the number of hours you spend every week by your hourly teaching rate - this is how much money (and time) you are wasting doing work that is already done for you in The Guitar Teacher’s Toolkit. Using this toolkit will free up your time for teaching more students and will make it easier for you to focus on growing other areas of your guitar teaching business
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