Total Guitar Mastery Training Week

Total Guitar Mastery Training WeekYou can transform your guitar playing in just 6 days with the right training, coaching and guidance every step of the way. At this super intense guitar coaching event you will have me (and 2 other master guitar trainers) take you by the hand and train you to smash through your limitations and become a guitar playing badass! This training is so powerful and intense that I’ll ‘only’ share it with you face-to-face (for 6 days 8 hours per day), leaving you no choice but to explode your guitar technique and speed and destroy the things holding back your playing. In addition to the explosive progress you WILL make at this event, you will get a lifetime of guitar training know-how, so that you keep making fast progress even ‘after’ going home.
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HESSFESTTake a multi-day guitar vacation with me and dozens of other serious musicians just like you who traveled from all over the planet to be here! Each day consists of master classes and seminars from me that are always on totally new topics you will want to learn about (but will not find anywhere else), opportunities to have one-on-one guitar lessons with me, get your questions answered, receive feedback on your playing, jam, perform, hang out and have tons of fun - day and night. In addition, you will meet many new friends as well as learn from & jam with other cool and serious musicians (who are all very cool people, easy to talk to and approachable – so even if you are a shy person, you’ll feel comfortable right away.) There is only one event on Earth where you can experience all of that: HESSFEST.
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Become The Expert - Guitar Teacher Certification Bootcamp

Songwriting Mastery LabBecome the only guitar teacher in your area certified with the Guitar Teaching Mastery (GTM) certification - the new Gold Standard guitar teaching credential around the world. As a GTM Certified guitar teacher, you show your peers & students that you are different, special and reputable. At this event, you observe AND participate in the process of teaching by hearing ultra-elite teachers narrate exactly what they are thinking as they teach. You won’t hear merely ideas or theory about teaching - you see the whole thought process... the REAL GOLD narrated to you in real time. You are going to leave this event with the skills to REALLY and IMMEDIATELY transform your own students’ playing and put other guitar teachers to shame.
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Songwriting Mastery Lab

Songwriting Mastery LabMake huge breakthroughs in your songwriting & creativity, even if you’ve never written a song before or think you don't have musical talent. Transform raw musical ideas into killer songs you are proud to call your own. Turn your brain into a song factory and write better songs immediately using strategies that are easy to understand and use. You learn to avoid common songwriting traps that are hard to get out of and keep you stuck like quicksand. These mistakes are the reason why most songwriters never feel fully satisfied with their own ideas/songs. You also learn better ways to approach the entire songwriting process, so that you create ideas that are new, fresh and exciting. Fact is, the way you approach the songwriting process has a direct effect on how good your songs will sound (and how fast you can start & finish them). Get feedback on your songwriting from world-class instructors who hold your hand every step of the way and help you make the songwriting process simple and fun.
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Fretboard Domination Bootcamp

Fretboard Domination Bootcamp Tom Hess Live Event
In just 3 days you will learn how to banish one of the most crippling problems that stands in the way of your creativity on guitar - lack of fretboard mastery. Most guitarists either do not work on this skill at all, waste too much time memorizing the WRONG (i.e. useless) information or learn the fretboard on a merely superficial level. The result in all 3 cases is exactly the same: you continue to struggle and not know why you have a hard time being creative in “real life” guitar playing and improvising. In this event you will go through the PROCESS of mastering visualization of all your scales, arpeggios and intervals in a very simple, practical and reliable way - just like the very best guitar players do it. I am not just going to “tell” you what to do or even show you “how to do it” - I'm going to hold your hand through the entire mastery process to ensure that your fretboard mastery and your guitar playing are massively and permanently transformed when you leave…guaranteed!
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Music Career Money Magnet Event

Music Career Money Magnet EventLearn how to make A LOT of money on tour and make successful bands beg you to join them. For 3 days you and I will be locked in a room where I will give you ‘all’ my most guarded secrets that I have used repeatedly to get into 2 world touring bands and earn big money in the music industry. With these secrets you will be able to do exactly the same: make huge amounts of ‘extra’ money on tour, become the ‘only’ candidate for joining any band you want to get into and achieve lasting success in your music career. Best of all, you will learn how to think like a music business entrepreneur so that you start to see new money-making opportunities for yourself and your band that nobody else will ever see. This is by far the most valuable thing you will learn from me and once you have this skill, nobody can ever take it away from you!
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Guitar Teaching Super Summit International

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International By Tom HessLock yourself in a room with the only person on Earth earning 7-figures teaching guitar, tie him up and make him reveal his most closely guarded secrets, so you can: learn how to attract hundreds of new guitar students, teach guitar better than anyone else in your area and earn at least 6-figures per year while only teaching guitar part time. You can do this even if you are new to teaching guitar. You will go far beyond merely learning “about” building a successful guitar teaching business - we will work on building all the key pieces you need for your business to grow and earn money FAST during the event. You will go home with most everything ALREADY COMPLETED, and ready for immediate implementation in your guitar teaching business for super fast results!
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Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training WeekYou, me and 2 other master guitar trainers will be locked in a room, 8 hours per day for full 6 days, transforming your guitar soloing, phrasing and creativity. This is not a ‘guitar lessons’ event - this is about TRAINING and going through all steps of the process of becoming a more creative musician. You will get a complete assessment of your ‘real’ strengths and weaknesses, direct face-to-face attention from me and 2 other elite guitar trainers (6 days 8 hours per day), and my innovative and powerful training that you need to massively boost your creativity on guitar. You will also get special ‘ultra-secret’ stuff from me that will help you to master lead guitar soloing and creativity most effectively. Your massive progress at this event is backed by my ironclad 100% money back guarantee!
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