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Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online
Are you a serious rock or metal musician looking for guitar lessons online? If you want to make progress in your guitar playing, you need guitar lessons that are tailored to your specific musical goals, guitar playing skill level and musical interests. Studying guitar online with Tom Hess will show you how to both learn and apply the musical skills you need to become the guitarist you want to be. Start getting more results in your guitar playing by using the best online guitar lessons.


The Guitar Playing Accelerator
The most powerful invention for improving your guitar playing since the existence of guitar lessons... The Guitar Playing Accelerator ensures you get better faster... EVERY SINGLE TIME you practice your guitar. The one crucial element missing in your guitar practice that would guarantee you make bigger, broader and faster improvements as a guitar player is comprehensive tracking, monitoring and analysis of your guitar playing and practice. This key element ensures you make the big improvements you could be (and SHOULD be) making daily. Tracking all the important elements that make up your guitar playing skills is a proven method to make you more motivated, excited, encouraged and confident than other guitar players to continue to learn, improve and master your guitar playing. This is the only tool in the world that does this for you. Learn more.


Music Careers Mentoring Program
Whether you are looking to begin or build a career in music, you can achieve what you want in the music business much faster with the guidance of a mentor. Become a successful professional musician in this music career mentoring program.


Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle
As a guitar teacher, do you struggle with: getting more new guitar students, knowing exactly what to teach your current students, being able to motivate your students to practice guitar, and being able to keep your students for a long time? Learn the proven methods for solving these problems and start making a lot of money as a guitar teacher in this program about how to teach guitar.


Practice Generator
Do you want to know how to get HUGE results from practicing guitar? Fact is, most guitar players are wasting a lot of time when they practice. As a result, they make very slow progress, if any. Find out how to get the most out of your guitar practice by using this program to make a personalized guitar practice schedule.


Guitar Improvisation Training Classes
One of the biggest challenges for guitar players is being able to apply the skills they have learned on guitar in a musical manner. If you are like these guitarists, you would like to play your own guitar solos, but feel frustrated because you do not know how to apply your current guitar skills in a musical context. See how you can create great guitar solos in any musical situation with these guitar improvisation lessons.


Private Guitar Lessons With Tom Hess
Tom Hess teaches private one on one guitar lessons to serious students in his studio located in northwest Chicago. Find out how you can take guitar lessons with him on this page about private guitar lessons.


Phrasing Concepts For Rock Lead Guitar Soloing
Want to make your lead guitar solos sound incredible? In order to create great guitar solos and become a highly expressive guitarist, you must develop your guitar phrasing ability. Learn how to make your guitar solos sound truly amazing with this course on guitar phrasing.


Master Guitar Soloing Now
Do you want to find the quickest way to get better at guitar soloing? To become a great solo guitar player you will need focus less on WHAT you play, and more on HOW you play it. Discover the step by step process for turning a mediocre guitar lick into an amazing lead guitar phrase on this page about how to improve guitar soloing.


Innovative Arpeggio Guitar Phrasing For Advancing Metal Players
Are you interested in using arpeggios to create amazing guitar solos and melodies? Many guitar players understand how to play arpeggio patterns, but very few know how to use arpeggios in their guitar soloing. Find out how you can use arpeggios to play highly expressive guitar solos on this page about how to learn arpeggio phrasing.


Killer Rock Lead Guitar Legato Phrasing
Want to know how you can use legato guitar technique to create killer guitar phrases? To make incredible guitar phrases and solos with legato, it is necessary to learn how to apply the skills you already have within a musical context. Learn how to use legato technique to make guitar solos in this course on legato guitar solo phrasing.


Rock and Metal Guitar Licks - Advanced Level
Ever listen to your favorite guitarists and wish you could play cool guitar licks like them? Most guitar players either don't feel like they have enough interesting musical ideas, or don't know how to use what they already know to make great songs or guitar solos. Learn to create your own killer rock and metal riffs on this page about making creative guitar licks.


Rock and Metal Guitar Licks - Intermediate Level
Are you an intermediate level guitarist, trying to make up your own guitar licks, but are frustrated because your lead guitar playing doesn't sound as good as that of your favorite guitarists? Do you want to expand your current vocabulary of cool guitar licks while learning how to use these licks in a wide variety of musical situations? If you answered “Yes”, then you can learn how to make awesome guitar licks by checking out this lead guitar lesson.


How To Find And Attract A LOT of New Guitar Students
If you are like most guitar teachers, you struggle to get new guitar students and fill up your teaching schedule. The process of looking for new guitar students can be very frustrating if you aren't getting results and don't know what you are doing wrong. Start filling up your guitar teaching schedule by learning how to get guitar students.


Teach Beginning Guitar Students
One of the biggest misconceptions by guitar teachers is that teaching beginner guitar players is 'easy'. You have probably noticed that some of your beginner students seem to learn very slowly and get frustrated easily. Improve your guitar teaching skills by finding out how to teach beginning guitar students.


Guitar Teacher's Toolkit
Are you tired of searching for guitar teaching materials to use in your lessons such as chord diagrams, blank guitar tabs, or fretboard images? Fact is, most guitar teachers spend way too much time searching the web for these things only to end up with low quality images that never get used, so they spend hours of their own time making these materials for their guitar students. Go to this page to get high quality guitar teaching tools.


Tom Hess Student Spotlight
Tom Hess has taught over a thousand guitar students in his time as a professional guitar teacher. Out of these students, there are many who have achieved very significant success with their guitar playing or in their music careers. Read about the success of Tom Hess guitar students.


Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Student Feedback
Tom Hess has helped guitar players from all over the world improve their guitar skills and reach their musical goals. Many of his students have gone on to achieve great success as professional guitarists. See the feedback that his students have left by watching videos of their personal testimonials on this page for Tom Hess guitar lessons review.


Music Careers Mentoring Program Student Accomplishments
In his Music Careers Mentoring Program, Tom Hess has helped musicians worldwide to reach high levels of success in their music careers. Musicians who have participated in this program have toured the world, released professional music albums, and received endorsements from major music companies among many other accomplishments. Read about student success in the Music Careers Mentoring Program on this page with Tom Hess mentoring program results.


Music Career Mentoring Program Student Feedback
With the guidance received in the Music Careers Mentoring Program, Tom Hess's students have achieved massive success in their music careers. Watch videos with feedback of Music Careers Mentoring Program students on this page for Tom Hess mentoring program review.


Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Student Feedback
In Tom Hess's Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, guitar teachers from many countries have improved their teaching skills and expanded their guitar teaching businesses to earn up to six figures per year. Watch videos with feedback of Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle students on this page for Tom Hess guitar teacher program review.


Practice Generator User Reviews And Feedback
The Practice Generator is the world's most advanced, most powerful and most innovative guitar practicing application. This guitar practice scheduling tool has helped many guitar players make fast progress in their guitar playing. Check out user reviews for the Practice Generator on this page with practice generator feedback.


Tom Hess Students
In Tom Hess's Breakthrough Guitar Lessons his students have made massive progress and improved their guitar playing. Many of these guitar students have become advanced or virtuoso guitar players. Watch videos of Tom Hess's students on this page for Tom Hess guitar student results.


Tom Hess Music Corporation Newsletter
The Tom Hess newsletter is filled with valuable resources for improving your guitar skills, music career and guitar teaching business. By subscribing to this newsletter, you will gain exclusive guitar playing tips, as well as music career and guitar teaching and advice that is not available to the public. Sign up for the Tom Hess newsletter on the Tom Hess newsletter page. Shop
The Tom Hess shop contains music from Tom Hess's instrumental band HESS and several other guitar instrumental compilation albums. Additionally, this page has rock backing tracks and guitar practice books. Buy music and guitar instructional products in the Tom Hess Shop.


Seven Day Music Coaching
Want to know how to reach your musical goals? Enter your top 3 musical goals for the next 90 days into the box on the following page and get free world class musician coaching.


Free Guitar Lessons And Resources
Are you trying to find online resources to help you improve your guitar skills? The best way to make progress in your guitar playing is to seek out the advice of a great guitar teacher who has helped other guitarists reach their goals. Improve your guitar playing skills with the help of professional guitar teacher Tom Hess's guitar playing resources.


Free Music Career Resources
If you are like most musicians, you are looking for the best ways to build a long term, highly successful career in music. To become a successful professional musician, you will benefit greatly by taking the advice of a professional musician who has mentored other musicians to reach their music career goals. Learn how to build a successful music career with these music career resources.


Free Guitar Teaching Resources
Looking to get started teaching guitar? Want to expand your guitar teaching business? Check out the free guitar teaching assessments and articles on this page with guitar teacher resources.


Tom Hess Biography
Tom Hess is a virtuoso guitar player, music career mentor, and guitar teacher. He has taught thousands of musicians all around the world to improve their guitar skills, build their music careers, and become better guitar teachers. Read Tom Hess's entire biography on the Tom Hess bio page.


Tom Hess World Tour Dates
Tom Hess has toured as the guitar player in the symphonic metal band Rhapsody Of Fire as well as taught guitar in many instructional guitar clinics. See if Tom Hess will be touring in your local area on this page with Tom Hess tour dates.


Tom Hess's Guitars
As a professional guitar player of many years, Tom Hess has collected over 20 guitars. Find out which guitars Tom Hess plays within the chart on this Tom Hess guitars page.


Best Guitar Articles Online
Trying to find the best guitar articles to help you improve your guitar playing? Learn how to get faster on guitar, play guitar solos, practice guitar effectively and much more on this page with guitar articles.


Music Career Advice
If you want to make it in music, you will need to learn the most effective ways to build a successful long term music career. The best way to do this is to seek out a mentor who has helped musicians from all over the world to reach their highest goals with music. Get professional music business advice from music career mentor Tom Hess by reading these music career articles.


Free Guitar Teaching Articles
Do you want to massively improve your guitar teacher skills and build a successful guitar teaching business? While teaching guitar, you must avoid the trial-and-error approach taken by most guitar teachers who aren't sure how to solve their teaching problems effectively. Get all the information you need to become the best guitar teacher in your area on this page with guitar teaching articles.


Guitar Phrasing Mastery
If you want to become a great guitar player, you must master guitar phrasing. Most guitarists focus too much on 'what' they play (notes, techniques, patterns, etc); however, to play great guitar melodies you must focus on 'how' you play guitar. Learn how to massively improve your lead guitar playing on this page with lead guitar phrasing secrets.


Video Lessons On Guitar
Are you searching for the best free guitar videos online? Fact is, the internet is overcrowded with amateur video guitar lessons full of guitar licks that don't teach you anything. To truly improve your guitar playing, it is important to learn from a professional guitar teacher who has helped thousands of guitarists reach their musical goals. Make fast progress in your guitar playing by learning from virtuoso guitar teacher Tom Hess in these free video guitar lessons.


Free Guitar Playing Tips
Want to quickly become a much better guitar player? If you are like most guitar players, you have experienced difficulty with many aspects of your guitar playing. To make it past barriers in your guitar playing, it is important to get the advice of an expert guitar teacher. Start making fast progress on guitar with these 15 free guitar playing tips.


Free Guitar Teaching Tips
Many guitar teachers struggle to effectively teach their guitar students and grow their guitar teaching business. It is important to consistently look for new ways to improve as a guitar teacher so that you can give your students the best instruction possible while staying ahead of your local competition. Learn how to build a successful guitar teaching business while helping your guitar students get better results with these free guitar teaching tips.


Stage Presence Tips
Most rock bands think that playing great music makes for a great live show. Fact is, playing well musically is only one piece of the puzzle. In order to give great performances to the fans who come to see your shows, you must improve stage presence. Improve your band's stage presence with these free stage presence tips.


Free Music Career Tips
Are you looking to begin a career in the music business? Are you a professional musician who wants to reach a higher level of success? Learn how to build success in the music industry, play better live shows, make more money in music, and more with these music career tips.


Guitar Playing Help
Do you need help in your guitar playing? Tom Hess receives many guitar related questions everyday and has created a special page to provide solutions to any of your guitar playing challenges. Get all the answers to any guitar playing questions you have by reading this page with free guitar playing help.


Guitar Teaching Help
After building a highly successful guitar teaching business and teaching thousands of guitar players worldwide, Tom Hess has put together an entire page full of guitar teaching questions and answers. Get the answers to all your guitar teaching questions on this page with free guitar teaching help.


Music Career Help
Tom Hess has extensive music business experience as a professional musician and music career mentor. Gain access to his music industry insights and get the answer to any of your music career questions on this page with free music career advice.


Music Articles
Would you like to become a better guitar player? ...Increase your guitar teaching skills? ...Learn how to achieve success in your music career? Read expert advice from professional musician Tom Hess to make progress as a musician with these articles for musicians.
Do you wish you could ask a professional musician any question you have about becoming a better guitarist, developing a music career, or learning how to teach guitar? Here is your chance to do it! Ask virtuoso guitarist and professional musician Tom Hess your guitar playing. music career, or guitar teaching questions on this ask Tom Hess page.


Tom Hess holds a HUGE event for his students every year called HESSFEST. This event is attended by hundreds of musicians and consists of exclusive personal guitar lessons with Tom, attendance of special guest professional musicians, networking, master classes, and student jam sessions. Find out more about this guitar playing event on this page for the Hessfest student live event.


Total Guitar Mastery Training Week
Total Guitar Mastery Training Week is an intense guitar training event that is designed to totally transform the guitar playing of those who attend. Massively improve your guitar playing skills by attending this guitar training event.


Tom Hess Student Feedback
Tom Hess has mentored, coached, and trained guitarists and musicians worldwide to reach their highest musical goals. Throughout his years as a guitar teacher and music career mentor, his students have discussed their experience with Tom through means of video, audio, and text. Check out this page about Tom Hess lessons feedback to see what his students have to say.


Tom Hess Music Corporation Guitar And Music News
Tom Hess continuously works to provide the best guitar instruction to his guitar students, help guitar teachers expand their teaching businesses, mentor musicians to reach their music career goals, and play guitar/tour in his band Rhapsody Of Fire. Go to this page with Tom Hess news to stay up to date with of Tom Hess's current events.


Tom Hess's Music
Listen to music samples of Tom Hess's bands on this page for Tom Hess's music.


Buy HESS Opus 1
Tom Hess's first release with his instrumental band HESS is titled Opus 1. This album contains virtuoso guitar playing from both Tom Hess and Mike Walsh. Listen to and purchase Opus 1 on the HESS Opus 1 page.


Buy HESS Opus 2
After releasing Opus 1, Tom Hess's metal instrumental band HESS returned to release Opus 2. This album contains progressive musical elements with virtuoso metal guitar playing. Listen to Opus 2 mp3's and buy the music on the HESS Opus 2 page.


The Beginning Guitarist's Book - Level One
Most beginner guitar books contain songs and exercises that are boring for most beginners. Additionally, they teach in a very linear manner. Fact is, for a beginner guitar player to effectively learn to play, they must use the Geometric Guitar Teaching Method™, an alternative teaching approach that allows the guitar player to learn different musical concepts at the same time. Find the best book for beginner guitar students on this beginner guitar book page.


The Beginning Guitarist's Book - Level Two
As the second guitar book in the Beginning Guitarist's Book series, this book uses techniques that are proven to get great results for beginner guitar players. Learn more about this beginners guitar book on this guitar books beginner level page.


The Practice And Progress Log Book
The Practice And Progress Log Book is a guitar workbook designed to help you plan your weekly guitar practice objectives, set your goals, and record your practice time each day. To learn more about how to improve your guitar practice, check out this guitar practice book.


Rock Tracks 1
Rock Tracks 1 is a lead guitar improvising CD containing 11 unique tracks for you to solo over. These backing tracks are not simply the same chord progressions played over and over. Each track gives you the option to play in different musical genres with music that resembles your own backing band. Learn more about how to get better at improvising on guitar with these rock backing tracks.


Rock Tracks II
Rock Tracks II picks up where Rock Tracks I left off with 12 backing tracks designed to help you improve your lead guitar and improvising skills. Rock Tracks II consists of advanced backing songs that use a wide variety of musical modes. Become a better lead guitar player with these backing tracks for lead guitar.


Set Your Music Goals
Before you can achieve your musical dreams, you must first understand your exact goals. After setting your goals you can begin to determine the most effective way to reach them. Get started on the path to getting everything you want out of music on this page for musical goal setting.


Musical Strengths And Weaknesses
In order to reach your musical goals, it is important to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. Determine your musical strengths and weaknesses for playing guitar, teaching guitar for a living, or building a music career on this page on how to achieve musical goals.


Musician Solutions
There are many paths to take in order to improve as a guitar player, guitar teacher, or professional musician. contains expert music instruction for musicians with a variety of different musical goals. Find the solution to your musical goals on this page with solutions for musicians.


Musician Assessments
In order to obtain BIG results in music, you must continually work to improve and seek out the advice of other great musicians. Whether you are looking to start a music career, improve your guitar playing, or teach guitar; you can benefit greatly by taking these assessments for musicians.


Tom Hess Forum
The Tom Hess guitar and music forum is full of success minded guitarists (ranging from beginners to professional level), music teachers, and other types of musicians. Containing students from Tom Hess's various music programs, this forum is the best online music forum for positive , encouraging feedback and high value answers to any music related questions. If you are a student of Tom Hess, go to this electric guitar forum page to sign in.


Tom Hess Student Log In
Guitar students and members of Tom Hess's programs must sign in to access the lessons and materials in their account on Go to this page to sign into your Tom Hess student account.


Tom Hess Contact
Tom Hess is a professional guitar player, guitar teacher, and music career mentor from Chicago, Illinois. If you would like to contact Tom Hess you can do so using this page with Tom Hess contact information.


HESS Band Interview
Tom Hess has released several albums with his instrumental virtuoso guitar band called HESS. The HESS band released their albums in 2000 and 2004 and conducted many interviews during this time. See HESS band interviews on this HESS music interview page.


HESS CD Reviews
Tom Hess's instrumental guitar band HESS plays virtuoso metal guitar music with progressive elements. Read reviews of the HESS CD's on this page with HESS music reviews.


Tom Hess Photos
Tom Hess has years of experience touring the world as a professional guitarist and metal musician. To see pictures of Tom playing guitar and performing live on stage, visit this page with photos of Tom Hess.


Videos Of Tom Hess
This page contains various videos of Tom Hess playing musical excerpts of guitar passages from his albums with HESS as well as videos of his tour with his former band HolyHell. Watch Tom Hess play guitar on this page with Tom Hess videos.


Online Guitar Tools
In order to provide a convenience for any guitar players visiting, this page includes a free online guitar tuner plus delay and frequency calculator. Use the online guitar tools included on the site on this guitar tools online page.

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